Monday, April 21, 2008

"The Big Give" a day at the Beloved Pecos Gallery

Yesterday at the gallery, I was the gallery host - the duties of this volunteer position include opening and closing the gallery, greeting the folks who stop by and providing them with info about - well, just about anything they ask that I can answer, selling the artwork, making a fire to warm the old adobe building up, and anything else that needs doing - I always tell people about the events coming up and to please sign the book by the door if they want notices of what's happening by e-mail or snail mail.

Currently, there is a showing of student art at the gallery. The Gallery was cleaned out ( the usual art stored upstairs) of everything to make room for art from the Pecos Elementary School and The Indian School in Santa Fe. It is called "The All Student's Art Show" and runs from the 19th through the end of April. (forgot to take pics - will grab the camera and visit again )

Yesterday, I was not alone - there were two of us - two gallery hosts. This was such a treat, for an artist from out of town wanted to learn how to host so that she may do so in the future. Of course we always need volunteers but the reasons the day was so enjoyable were because this woman is just full of enthusiasm, shares ideas of how we can increase participation in the events planned, she also comes up with great suggestions for events to schedule, and took on the role of organizer of a monthly event.

She is so into the Artist Bingo Gallery Fundraiser she has accomplished alot already even though the first bingo afternoon will be May 18. She brought with her yesterday 4 fun baskets of great items to which we will add something original and handmade for prizes, has involved her sister and friends into the "game" donating their time, bingo equipment, and food to sell. They are willing to drive about 45 mins using all that gas (we all know what that costs) to help out a local gallery in Pecos.

A number of the artists represented at the gallery are donating a themed basket or piece of artwork for prizes as well. This is a great thing about this gallery "community" I reflect on often - everyone connected gives and gives of themselves.
Most of us have not even played bingo since childhood, so it is such a great opportunity to have this woman and her friends etc. take charge of running the games. As she and I were talking with great enthusiasm about the baskets which are all theme based (the "Glamor", the Summer-Time" , the "Laundry", the "Bean Pot", etc. baskets), I looked out across these donated prizes and thought about all the creativity, time, and personal expense that went into what I saw and once again was filled with appreciation of people who generiously give. I even suggested that as money came in during the first bingo event that maybe some money could be used for the future prizes. Her response was perfectly in character - that no, we can use that money better for the gallery events and we will find enough people to help us through donations for the following monthly bingo fundraisers - and besides, that is the fun part.
In my opinion, she fits the description of a "Big Giver" (to use a phrase from Oprah) and I beleive you can guess why whether or not you have seen the TV show.

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Rosebud Collection said...

It is so nice to meet and be with people like her..Makes you realize, there are so many good people in this world..