Monday, April 7, 2008

The Magic of "Gifting" = Energy = Creativity = Gifting, etc

The past week has brought an awareness to me - maybe it is a re-awareness for I remember experiencing this in small doses in the past ... what I am so blessedly aware of is the connection of "gifting" to others, without expecting, hoping or even looking for anything in return - to gift freely just for the fun of it ...

It may seem that there is something you do receive (the feeling of having fun for example) and therefore the gifting is not entirely "free". I think that the kind of giving freely without expectation requires spontaneity - meaning no premeditation as well as no expectation.
I can’t say to myself "I will give of myself and then I will have fun or feel good" and then create the action. I can know intellectually that this is what creates the experience of fun or well being, as a result by looking back. It cannot be the purpose which would be an intellectual decision - it has to be spontaneous and it has to come from the heart, the soul or whatever you call that place of feeling the indescribable connection with ALL - that stream of consciousness.

My example of "gifting", repeated again and again, starts with my involvement with the Beloved Pecos Gallery (yes, again). I made a flier listing in brief, the events that will occur, free of charge, at the Gallery from April through September - some specific and most sketchy plans. I gave the copy to a gallery participant of that meeting I described last week, who was eager to have color copies made through a relative - while we talked, his enthusiasm increased his ideas which increased my feelings of excitement, which then fed his enthusiasm
... then I "happened" to meet another participant from that great meeting - her enthusiasm for the Bingo fund-raisers added to my over all level of enthusiasm creating more energy, feeding her energy

... then I received a call from another participant who had experienced the enthusiasm of a performance she took her daughter to, creating fantastic ideas, etc.

... everyone sharing with others, the energy increasing until I felt so good I felt "high" then a project I had been looking for of how to create something with materials which had been gifted to me, that had been gifted to the woman I received from , finally appeared in my consciousness with a great pop and completeness. I became so in touch with my creativity I put it all into action, experiencing indescribable joy. I felt at one with the Universe!

... and it started with "gifting" - the giving of oneself with no premeditation to feel this or expectation of receiving anything in return

... I know from the feeling connection to everyone involved, this was a pure experience of gifting

.... I then met up with different folks at a group activity who had their own expanded hearts open and we expanded this experience out through our discussion much like a series of radio circular frequencies - on and on it goes, doubling back to reconnect, creating those seemingly magical "coincidences", on and on

.... in addition to feeling complete and happy, wonderful connections "drop" into my life giving me more of what I want, experiencing abundance in physical ways because I am connect to the ALL - and haven't "tried" through action to get this myself - and so it goes and goes

...and it’s a wonderful place to live life ... it occurs when consistantly "played" for when I have those thoughts of 'what - is - in - it - for - me', I feel the collapse of this joyful energy and have dropped out of the connection until I can get back to "gifting".

Just a personal description of my experience "playing" with others in joy and creating something wonderful together, much larger than any one of us alone. This is the information which has been given everyone through a huge variety of "teachings".

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Rosebud Collection said...

I may have said this before. What a world we would have, if we all shared. There is something magic about giving and the way you feel after..The true secret of life on this earth, is Peace within yourself..and when we share with each
other, the peace begins.