Saturday, March 29, 2008

Playing Nice - Another Day at the Beloved Pecos Gallery

Going along with my interest in getting more involved with artists and others in my community, I attended a business meeting at the local gallery this morning.

The meeting was exciting - even inspiring - here are a number of artists and other community people who are working together to help make the gallery a destination site (people coming here to little, beautiful, historical Pecos, NM from Santa Fe, etc.) and more so a community gathering place for art events, activities, workshops, - even a bingo afternoon once a month as a fun fundraiser. I am impressed and thrilled to be a part of this group. It's like getting together with giving, loving, kind people to play with and in the process add to the development of something important and fine.

I guess to simplify, the recipe for success and the way positive actions lead to positive results is to:

  • gather together

  • play nice

  • have fun

  • value each other and make sure to appreciate a wide view of perspectives

  • honor differences

  • and remember we are really all connected and equal.

Oh yeah, work together on a common goal.

That is also what I appreciate about as a community of artists, buyers and sellers - everyone seems ready to help each other. Microcosms as examples of how I choose to live.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Beloved Pecos Gallery "What a Doll" show

Great doll show at the Beloved Pecos Gallery this weekend and next. I went to the opening Friday night and took some pictures. This sign was created by Toni Truesdale
(More about work later)

At least 10 artists were represented, showing their art dolls - some were for sale and others available through commission. I was impressed at the array of medium displayed and the variety of expression.

I have been involved marginally with the Gallery - I have some of my beading creations there, I volunteer - actually only once keeping the place open on a Sunday and the biggest connection is through my partner (The Dolly Llama) who teaches workshops and shows some of her incredible dolls there. Oh, I did design a poster for the "What a Doll " doll show.

There are many other artists envolved with and shown at the Gallery as you can see from the photos. More on the history of the building, the guiding force (Robin) who envisioned a place for art serving the Pecos community, especially a place for children to be involved and the artists themselves. I am going to be more involved starting now.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Musings on Women Helping Women - NMWF Members

A couple of days after the NMWF's Rag Rug Festival in Las Cruces, NM. I am checking all the links - making sure they go where they are suppose to go ... it's a good idea, for one letter forgotten in EVFAC's took me to and emergency readiness site. The only emergency I ever experience with Espanola Valley Fiber Art Center is trying to get to their sale days by the time they open ... those special days are wonderful, well attended and just fine for adding to your fiber stash. As a not for profit organization of weavers, spinners, natural dyers, knitters - gees, I could go on and on - these folks support EVFAC by donating left-over yarns, fabric etc. for those sales. Of course the shop itself sells wonderful goodies for fiberists and there are classes and a boutique of members creations for sale as well ... Check it out - Espanola Valley Fiber Arts Center . It is a great way to meet folks of like interests, take classes , rent equipment, buy yarns, etc. and buy and sell your creations - oh, yes, - participate in those great sales.
Weaving - What it Means to one Tres Manos Woman

Back to tracing links - I discovered this on the Tres Manos site. It speaks to me so I included it here:

Johnna Hartsog was a former Tres Manos weaver
After battling with cancer, she now finds comfort in her work as a weaver � LM Images

The Loom Tale
by Johnna Hartsog

I feel the loom shuttle
leave my hands,
but it's weaving more than
cloth. It tells the
tale of days gone by and
passions yet

My body feels the rhythm
of the shuttle as it flies and
my doubts begin to fade
away as my spirit tries to

I feel myself become one
with the loom and all it's
parts. I am finally in a
place that's safe, that I
have longed for all my life

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Women Helping Women, a Tribute to New Mexico Women's Foundation

My feelings of gratitude fly high today and most days when I consider the women who give so generously, from love to grab the hands of women who need a boost, suggesting, in essence, here, take my hand and come on over and see what you can do.

There have been many stories of this kind of love and caring in my life and in the lives of women around me.

Today, I am feeling blessed to have just such a connection with an incredible organization - New Mexico Women's Foundation (NMWF). I have much to say about all of the people involved with this group. They continue to find spectacular ways to lend a hand, by:

- supporting girl and women artists through providing opportunities to increase the sales of their art

- developing and expanding economic opportunities for women in rural areas

- teaching fiber crafts to girls and women so they may develop skills to enjoy a more abundant life through the establishment of cottage industries in rural areas of New Mexico

- and much more

You know what? These folks say it much better than I - so check out their website ... plus much more info - grants - great pics. Go there now, then come bach, ok?

I am honored to have participated for the last 3 years in the Rag Rug Festivals produced by NMWF. (More on these festivals to follow on another day.)

I am thankful to the many supporters and volunteers of this foundation and know that it takes a Village (to borrow Hilary's book title). Yet there is one woman who has touched me deeply with her generosity, caring and concern. In addition, I am impressed with the talents and skills she has, especially in the creativity of ideas and the production of the festivals.

Ok, enough thrilling buildup, this mysterious woman is the current president of the NMWF board of directors, Frieda Arth.

This woman is incredible, the foundation and all its volunteers are wonderful ...and I tend to emote ... so check this site out and see for yourself, am I emoting or simply stating the truth?

The NMWF's web site is extremely well done ... oh, my ... here I go again, can't help it, I love the New Mexico Womens' Foundation - you will too!

Always more to say ... one of the Rag Rug Festivals is happing right now in Las Cruces NM -next time I will focus on the artist participants of the foundation.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Selling at Rag Rug Festival in Las Cruces NM this Weekend

The Rag Rug Festival is happening in Las Cruces, New Mexico this weekend. In addition, some offical college basketball playoff is in town at the same time. I am going to write about the wonderful organization that develop opportunites for cottage industries among rural living women in NM to sell their work.

Today however, I am remembering my first sale at a Rag Rug Festival three years ago.

A hand made and beaded bag with a full flap over front. This bag itself was hand sewn, medium weight cow leather. The trim around all the edges was hand beaded with a variety of Czech seed beads. The "tree" incorporated a variety of beading techniques using the same type of beads and some larger pressed glass leaves, also Czech - beads identified as such are carefully regulated by that country’s government and are considered some of the best made beads in the world.

The Tree of Life was a shoulder bag of about 8” in length and approx. 5” wide. I incorporated the natural edging of the piece of leather in the over all design. It was a joy to create and sold very quickly at the Festival in New Mexico.

Of course with that bag in mind, I can create another bag of similar design, but it would be very different, as the spirits (of the leather, the beads and myself) are moved.

How wonderful that experience was, other women artists coming together in a museum setting and the excited public. We all had a good time.

Off to sell, here's to good fortune, good companionship, fun and good times for all at the Rag Rug Festival in Las Cruces this weekend.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Beaded Bags - Are They Appreciated?

I love to create small to medium bags to hang around the neck or worn as a shoulder bag. Of course the purpose of making these is to combine the bag with BEADS!

Over the years I have sold bags of leather and beads, but there doesn't seem a great demand.

I have been making felted bags to bead on but they just don't create that special excitement I personally feel creating with leather and beading.

Oh here we go again with that age old quandary do we create for the joy or do we create what we think will sell? Hate that. For the most part I create for the joy and hope to connect with the people out who are drawn to my soul expressed through my art.

It's true, I do create many things that are express little bits and pieces of who I really am and are kind of fun and safe.

Creators out there in blog land, do you know what I am attempting to express?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

From the Very Start

Hi, Welcome. Glad you stopped by. "From the very start," I want you to know I love creativity wherever I discover it. My passions for now are fiber art and beading art. Actually any kind of creativity, I find exciting, whether it is the process in something I am creating or enjoying those incredible creations of others.

There are so many fantastic blogs out in blog land. I like those with information and examples of creativity - how tos , pictures and links to things I have never heard about. It make sense I would blog about those interests and passions of mine. So to start with, my focus is on: Knowledge, Fibers, Beads, (yes of course) Creativity, Happiness and Fun.

I have discovered and have created a store to show my fiber art work among trillions (probably an exaggeration - but in time ...) of other artists' stores. If you haven't heard of Esty check it out. I love seeing all the great work, information and all kinds of knowledge in the Community section and the ease in buying art "goodies" for myself. Next shop will focus on beaded art . This is exciting and just the beginning - so I am slow on the uptake, but only sometimes - blogging oh where have you been ?

Thanks for stopping by and please leave comments and suggestions.