Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Musings on Women Helping Women - NMWF Members

A couple of days after the NMWF's Rag Rug Festival in Las Cruces, NM. I am checking all the links - making sure they go where they are suppose to go ... it's a good idea, for one letter forgotten in EVFAC's took me to and emergency readiness site. The only emergency I ever experience with Espanola Valley Fiber Art Center is trying to get to their sale days by the time they open ... those special days are wonderful, well attended and just fine for adding to your fiber stash. As a not for profit organization of weavers, spinners, natural dyers, knitters - gees, I could go on and on - these folks support EVFAC by donating left-over yarns, fabric etc. for those sales. Of course the shop itself sells wonderful goodies for fiberists and there are classes and a boutique of members creations for sale as well ... Check it out - Espanola Valley Fiber Arts Center . It is a great way to meet folks of like interests, take classes , rent equipment, buy yarns, etc. and buy and sell your creations - oh, yes, - participate in those great sales.
Weaving - What it Means to one Tres Manos Woman

Back to tracing links - I discovered this on the Tres Manos site. It speaks to me so I included it here:

Johnna Hartsog was a former Tres Manos weaver
After battling with cancer, she now finds comfort in her work as a weaver � LM Images

The Loom Tale
by Johnna Hartsog

I feel the loom shuttle
leave my hands,
but it's weaving more than
cloth. It tells the
tale of days gone by and
passions yet

My body feels the rhythm
of the shuttle as it flies and
my doubts begin to fade
away as my spirit tries to

I feel myself become one
with the loom and all it's
parts. I am finally in a
place that's safe, that I
have longed for all my life

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Rosebud Collection said...

What a beautiful poem..It really says it all..