Sunday, March 23, 2008

Beloved Pecos Gallery "What a Doll" show

Great doll show at the Beloved Pecos Gallery this weekend and next. I went to the opening Friday night and took some pictures. This sign was created by Toni Truesdale
(More about work later)

At least 10 artists were represented, showing their art dolls - some were for sale and others available through commission. I was impressed at the array of medium displayed and the variety of expression.

I have been involved marginally with the Gallery - I have some of my beading creations there, I volunteer - actually only once keeping the place open on a Sunday and the biggest connection is through my partner (The Dolly Llama) who teaches workshops and shows some of her incredible dolls there. Oh, I did design a poster for the "What a Doll " doll show.

There are many other artists envolved with and shown at the Gallery as you can see from the photos. More on the history of the building, the guiding force (Robin) who envisioned a place for art serving the Pecos community, especially a place for children to be involved and the artists themselves. I am going to be more involved starting now.


Rosebud Collection said...

Wow, what beautiful work..I think it is great that you will get involved in something so rewarding..Good for you..

The Dolly Llama said...

I am impressed.

Torann said...

nice blog and love the dolls :)