Saturday, March 15, 2008

Women Helping Women, a Tribute to New Mexico Women's Foundation

My feelings of gratitude fly high today and most days when I consider the women who give so generously, from love to grab the hands of women who need a boost, suggesting, in essence, here, take my hand and come on over and see what you can do.

There have been many stories of this kind of love and caring in my life and in the lives of women around me.

Today, I am feeling blessed to have just such a connection with an incredible organization - New Mexico Women's Foundation (NMWF). I have much to say about all of the people involved with this group. They continue to find spectacular ways to lend a hand, by:

- supporting girl and women artists through providing opportunities to increase the sales of their art

- developing and expanding economic opportunities for women in rural areas

- teaching fiber crafts to girls and women so they may develop skills to enjoy a more abundant life through the establishment of cottage industries in rural areas of New Mexico

- and much more

You know what? These folks say it much better than I - so check out their website ... plus much more info - grants - great pics. Go there now, then come bach, ok?

I am honored to have participated for the last 3 years in the Rag Rug Festivals produced by NMWF. (More on these festivals to follow on another day.)

I am thankful to the many supporters and volunteers of this foundation and know that it takes a Village (to borrow Hilary's book title). Yet there is one woman who has touched me deeply with her generosity, caring and concern. In addition, I am impressed with the talents and skills she has, especially in the creativity of ideas and the production of the festivals.

Ok, enough thrilling buildup, this mysterious woman is the current president of the NMWF board of directors, Frieda Arth.

This woman is incredible, the foundation and all its volunteers are wonderful ...and I tend to emote ... so check this site out and see for yourself, am I emoting or simply stating the truth?

The NMWF's web site is extremely well done ... oh, my ... here I go again, can't help it, I love the New Mexico Womens' Foundation - you will too!

Always more to say ... one of the Rag Rug Festivals is happing right now in Las Cruces NM -next time I will focus on the artist participants of the foundation.

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What a great group you have..Great stuff too..